How to Have a Happy Winter

How to Have a Happy Winter

Turn that winter frown upside down with these tips on how to have a happy winter!

For some, winter is the most wonderful time of the year!  But for a lot of people, it can be a real struggle. 

Wintertime means less sunlight, frigid temperatures, and bouts of depression for many.  So, what can we do to help us have a happy winter? 

While it may seem impossible, there are definitely a few things we can do to brighten up even the darkest days of winter.

Here are some helpful ideas to try for a happier winter season!  

How to Have a Happy Winter

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Feel Happy in Winter

Soak Up the Sun

While the winter leaves daylight with only a limited number of hours, try to get out in the sun as much as possible.  Vitamin D, anyone?

Sunlight is very beneficial to your health in a number of ways.  It makes you feel good, helps you sleep, reduces stress, and more. 

You may have to adjust your schedule a smidge to soak up some of the winter sunlight, but it will definitely help you to have a happy winter. 

Of course, natural sunlight is the best, but if that really doesn’t seem like an option for you, consider a light therapy lamp.  These lamps can positively affect how you sleep and how you feel, similar to what the sun can do naturally for you.  

How to Have a Happy Winter

Increase Water Intake

We all know that it is important to stay hydrated, but increasing your water intake during the winter months, especially, has its perks. 

It can make your skin glow, increase your energy levels, and help keep that winter weight gain to a minimum. 

Another benefit to staying hydrated is that it helps to boost your immune system and flush out any germs you may have been exposed to. So, why wait?  Fill up that cup with water, now!

Exercise Everyday

Pushing yourself to exercise every day can put those winter blues in their place. 

Exercise is known to increase endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, which are all chemicals that work together to make you feel happy, confident, and capable. 

Don’t get overwhelmed by thinking you have to bust out a whole new exercise routine, but rather, get moving by simply taking a brisk walk outside at least once a day.  

Practice Breath Work

Focusing on a bit of daily breathwork can alter your mood in a positive way. 

Did you know that when we are cold, we tend to hold our breath or take shorter breaths? 

By focusing on taking deep, long breaths, feelings of relaxation and calmness will develop. 

This, in turn, can make us feel less stressed, energized, and happier during the winter months.  

How to Have a Happy Winter

Winter Happiness

Sometimes, winter can feel like it’s dragging you down.  Stay positive and happy by getting some sun, drinking lots of water, exercising daily, and practicing breathwork. 

By incorporating some or all of these ideas into your everyday routine, winter can truly be a happy time of year.  Before you know it, the winter season will be coming to an end and spring will be in the air.

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