Self-Care During the Holidays

Self-Care During the Holidays

Need a boost?  Here are ways to promote self-care during the holidays. 

Let’s face it.  Not everyone is set up for a joyous holiday season. And that’s okay. 

We all have things going on that can be considered less than ideal. Just know, you are not alone! 

But how do we push through all of the holiday festivities without being a hot mess? 

Well, we must in a way, put ourselves first. 

Focusing on self-care during the holidays can really bring things into perspective and help make the holiday season something to look forward to. 

Take a look at some ideas on how to be your best self during the holidays.  

Self-Care During the Holidays

Holiday Self Care Tips

Let It Out

Whatever you’re feeling, let it out.  Share your thoughts with a close friend, write them down in a journal, or talk to a life coach or therapist. 

However you feel most comfortable letting it out, do it. 

Finding a safe space and having someone to vent to can make all the difference when it comes to self-care during the holidays.


Taking time for yourself is an overlooked self-love practice. 

Whether you have 5 minutes or an hour, take advantage of that time to sit quietly, clear your mind, and reflect. 

Working on mindful meditation can help to improve focus, increase self-awareness, and keep you in the present.

Be Selfish

You may think this is crazy, but being a little selfish is a good thing. 

Doing small things for you will keep you happy and healthy in the long run. 

Take a calming bubble bath, schedule a soothing massage, or do something that makes you feel pretty, like getting your hair or nails done. 

It’s okay to dedicate a piece of your day to yourself, and by doing so, both your body and your mind will benefit.

Stay Active

Moving around can relieve stress, ease anxiety, and even increase energy.  Incorporating some type of physical activity throughout your day can improve your overall mood and help you get through that holiday slump. 

Take a walk, choose the stairs, or add some simple stretches to your daily routine to help you feel better all around.  

Take a Break from Social Media

While it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to know what is going on in the social media world, don’t give in! 

Help yourself out, and take a break from it all.  Pick a day or two to be completely media-free or even just to limit your screen time. 

Putting the phone, tablets, and other technology on the back burner is a great way to give yourself a little love over the holidays.

Self Care Practices Over the Holidays

Practicing small self-care rituals throughout the holiday season can make for a more positive and festive holiday experience. 

Taking time to talk to someone, having a quiet moment to focus, and treating yourself to something special can help to reduce stress during the holidays. 

So, while the holiday season is all about giving, don’t forget to give yourself a little something too!

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