How to be a Fun Mom

How to Be a Fun Mom

Can you imagine the scene: Your child smiles broadly, looks you in the eye, and says, “Mom, you’re fun!”  Turn that dream into a reality and learn how to be a fun mom.

What Does It Mean to Be a Fun Mom?

If you ask a dozen kids what makes for a fun mom, you’ll probably get answers like this:

“A mom who lets me eat candy for breakfast.”

“A mom who lets me stay up as late as I want.”

“A mom who lets me play videogames and watch TV whenever.”

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.  Being fun doesn’t mean being lax, giving our kids no structure and throwing healthy habits out the window.  You don’t have to cave on the essentials to be more fun.

How to Be a Fun Mom

Do you want to know how to be a fun mom?

Be Spontaneous (or at least pretend) 

We are all wired differently–some go where the wind takes them; others love trip itineraries.  Some go with their whims; others live by Excel. 

However, you are made is wonderful.  But kids, in general, like surprises. 

Surprise the kids with a midday ice cream run (you can preplan it–just don’t tell them).  Roll down the windows and drive a different route home.

Set up a tent and camp inside your house (or in the backyard).   The options are limitless.  Keep them guessing.

Make ‘em Laugh 

Fun moms have a sense of humor.  Put notes with jokes in their lunches.  Buy a whoopie cushion.  Watch family comedies together (no other screens allowed). 

Learn a small repertoire of knock-knock jokes for odd times of waiting.  Dress up for Halloween.  Blow bubbles.  Laugh at your mistakes.

Enter Into Their Play  

One secret of how to be a fun parent is playing with your kid.  Play Barbie opens a stable.  Scoot Hot Wheels on the floor and make the car go “vroom!” 

Break out the board games.  Hold a tea party with teddy bears and American Girls.  Throw snowballs. 

Even though you are mom and child, you sometimes need to both be kids.

How to Be a Fun Mom

Fun Things to Do with Mom

We moms sometimes get the short end of the stick in the parenting department.  Dad, Grandma, or Auntie gets to be the fun one.  We get to be the finish-your-veggies, do-you-homework, take-you-to-the-doctor parent.  We’re vital, but we aren’t always fun.

That is perfectly okay.  Kids need structure and stability.  But don’t farm out all the fun stuff to others.  If you want to learn how to be a more fun mom, get in the mix!

Sing (and Dance)  

No one said you have to do this well!  But happy homes are filled with music. 

After you watch a movie at home, get up and dance to the credits song.  Sing along to songs together in the car. 

Even if you sing off-key and you dance like a clunky robot, own it!  Your kids will love you for it.

Invite Them Into Your Hobbies

Is there a kid-friendly version of your hobby?  Plant an herb garden together. See if your favorite art museum has a children’s day.  Make a craft project together.  Go out for coffee (or cocoa).  

Join Your Children in Their Interests 

You don’t have to simply drive them to their activities and sit on the sidelines.  Watch and learn (or you may be able to pitch in and help).  Then ask your child to teach you a little at home. 

You can try martial arts, painting, violin, or dance.  You can collect bugs, skip rocks, ride bikes, and get an adult-sized scooter.  Yes you can–you’re fun like that!

You Can Learn How to Be a Fun Mom

If you really want to learn how to be a fun mom, remember this: it’s easier if you’re happy.  If you are happy, you are relaxed and the fun will just happen. 

Take care of yourself–focus on your own well-being.  Then add in some of these simple ideas and rake in the family smiles and laughter!

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